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Our Story

Turning An Old Relic Into A Place Of Fellowship

What was originally an old bank, our location has transformed into a place where the community can get together and meet over a delicious cup of coffee.

Our goal with Goshen Grind was to provide a place that has a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere with compassionate workers dedicated to the well being and happiness of all of those who stop by to meet with friends, catch up on work or just relax and enjoy their time at the Grind.

We didn't start with the luxury of "A small loan of  a million dollars." When we took over the building it was the combined hard work and dedication of our friends, family and neighbors to restore the property and bring Goshen Grind to life.

After a long journey of tearing apart the remnants of what used to be, rehabilitating the amenities and adding our mid century modern twist, we happily opened on May 12, 2016 and have been serving the local community with a smile ever since.

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