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Family Owned     Locally Made     Community Focused

Local Flavor

Coffee Matters 

We source our coffee beans directly from our friends over at La Terza Coffee. They partner with small, authentic farms and estates from all across the globe. They know exactly where every bean comes from and ensure that each farmer and worker involved is paid a dignified, fair trade wage.


Their beans come from almost every area of the world, from Indonesia to Africa to Central America, and provide dozens of varieties from each region. Once you find your favorite region, you’ll even start noticing how beans taste differently based on the country and climate.

Truly Great Coffee

Great taste is dependent on the quality and freshness of the coffee beans, as well as grinding those beans to match the type of desired brew. Different coffees require different grinds. Espresso requires a fine grind, french pressed needs to be coarse and for traditional drip coffees you need something that's right in the middle.

At Goshen Grind we have perfected our craft and take pride in serving premium quality coffee and delivering fresh taste.

A Space To Connect With The Community

Located in the heart of Goshen, our shop has been serving the local community and its surrounding neighbors while providing them a space to connect, socialize and network, all while enjoying a refreshing cup of delicious coffee.

Our building wasn't always in the shape it's in today, when we took over there was a lot of work to be done before we could brew our first cup and open our doors and to the public.

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Life at the Grind
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